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Edouard et Yves Devernay à Trouville

Edouard et Yves Devernay à Trouville


Nicole Marodon Cavaillé-Coll (organ, piano)
Mathilde Marodon Cavaillé-Coll (soprano)
Jacques Vandeville (oboe)

Recording (ST-OY Concept), mastering and booklet:

Fabrice San Juan
CD Phyllomène Ref. : 2010091507/1

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Beyond shorline given over to the gusting of Californian cinema's winds, will the twin cities of Deauville-Trouville henceforth be offering a pious, non-conformist pilgrimage to a romantic organ? As baroquist intoxication seeps into the very subway, promoting a "Cavaillé-Coll" (among those that were at one time shown as propaganda in the famous workshops) has a whiff of provocation about it. To be sure, Johann Sebastian hardly needed the unleashing of those twenty-six stops with two keyboards and pedal. However, this organ (located in Notre-Dame des Victoires since 1870) achieves without artifice the most subtle colours and strangest glimmers. And then, ignoring formated delights, Phyllomène editions offer us an exquisite hour of unknown music once more lending new life to a rare post-impressionist French repertoire. Far from urbane contortions and neo-classical corsets, we here discover harmonic richness and clarity reconquered by several independents during the interwar period. Those composers just prior to the all-too-short blossoming of Jehan Alain's genius were to be relegated to incomprehensible oblivion. Who now knows of Edouard Devernay (1889-1952) or his nephew Yves (1937-1990)? It remained for two soloists raised within the family tree of Aristide Cavaillé-Coll himself to remind us of riches which, enhanced by an airy weightless sound recording, gives access to the obvious, a naturalness one never thought this late 19th century instrument would have been capable of...

Marcel Marnat

CD available here:

and at the end of our concerts, at the Musée Montebello in Trouville and next at the Office de Tourisme de Trouville (Tourist Office)

Price: 15€ + 4€ S&H, the whole amount going to the association funding organs conservation and maintenance. Online payment with Paypal or Credit Card.

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